Who Am I?

Ahmier Gibson is a twenty-something Millennial peace chaser. Being that he is no stranger to packing up and going wherever his inner compass spiritually charges him to go, he has lived in New York, California and is now back in his home state of Texas.

Ahmier is a graphic designer by trade but has always held a strong attachment to public service. Being black and gay allows him to sit centered between two marginalized communities. It is in this center where he does most of his work. Volunteering with local organizations that cater to black queer individuals, Ahmier uses his writings about navigating life as a disenfranchised member of the two communities he represents, to bridge solidarity between anyone he comes into contact with.

“When you are really about doing the work, you realize that the work is isolating. It is messy. It’s every ugly emotion you can imagine and even still, it is in the work where you find liberation.”

‚ÄĒAhmier Gibson

What is Coke and Jack?

Coke and Jack is a digital diary. It was created out of a need to house the many thoughts, both drunken and sober in nature, of Ahmier. The name literally came from the fact that the personal blog realization revealed itself while having a conversation over his favorite drink. Guess what that is? Of course, jackandcoke.com was taken so cokeandjack.com was the next best thing.